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TCG Archive Search

Unfortunately, this feature is no longer available since the archive has moved back to the FTP sites. I am searching for a convenient method of searching FTP sites. If you know of a free servince that supports such searches, I would very much appreciate if you can advise me.

The TCG archive of tables of contents is now searchable. Enter your search phrase in the box below and click on the "Search" button.

The Search Engine

This is a very basic search engine, provided free of charge by whatUseek (thus the advertising banner on the page of search results). It searches the entire contents of all the files in the TCG archive. Each file in the archive represents an individual journal issue. A search of the archive will return a list of links to files (journal issues) containing the search phrase. It does not return a list of individual articles. You must scan each file yourself to find the item you're looking for, or search the file using your browser's "Find" function.

Search Tips

For more successful searches, please note the following:

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