Solar and Polaris Azimuth DEtermination
Version 4.4

by Michael R. Craymer
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

SPADE Is Freeware

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SPADE is a program that computes the astronomic azimuth of either the Sun or Polaris to an accuracy of less than 1 second of arc. No astronomical tables or polynomial coefficients are required. SPADE is primarily designed for use by land surveyors. It runs on Windows computers in the Command Prompt window. It is an old DOS program from the era before Microsoft Windows. It uses an old text-based, menu-driven user interface (no mousing around).



SPADE is now freely available and may be downloaded by clicking on the following link. The program is provided as a standard ZIP archive file containing the SPADE executable and documentation files. Use one of the many free ZIP utilities to extract the contents of the ZIP file.

Download Via HTTP

Download Via FTP

User's Guide

The User's Guide for version 4.4 of SPADE is available from


System Requirements

SPADE runs on Intel-compatible computers using any version of DOS or Windows. SPADE requires a mere 45K of RAM!


SPADE is now freeware; there is no need to register it. You may use it for free, however, all ownership and distribution rights remain with the author. Those who find the software useful may wish to send a donation. Such donations will be greatly appreciated and those users will be automatically notified of any new versions.

Last revised: 2010-09-23