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Kanata, Ontario, Canada

What is Geodesy?
Mike's On-Line Geodesy Resources
A collection of geodesy-related resources on the Web.

Canadian Geodetic Networks
Information and links about Canadian Geodetic Networks (password required).

GHOST Web Site
Home page and help files for the GHOST geodetic adjustment software (password required).

Mike's Software Archive
A collection of some of some Fortran & MATLAB software programs and libraries by Mike and others.

Geodetic Toolbox (for Matlab)
Matlab functions for general problems in geodesy. Most popular download in Earth Sciences on the Matlab web site.

NETVAL (GPS Network Validation Software)
Software for the analysis and evaluation of GPS surveys and networks.

SPADE (Solar and Polaris Azimuth DEtermination)
Software for determining the azimuth of the Sun or Polaris
without the use of astronomic tables.

Mike's Publications
A list of Mike's publications in geodesy. Most are available on-line in PDF format.

GPS Toolbox
GPS Solutions column dedicated to highlighting algorithms utilized by GPS engineers and scientists, edited by Stephen Hilla and Mike Craymer.

Tables of Contents in Geodesy
A tables of contents service for selected journals in geodesy, created and maintained by Mike & Mary Craymer. Endorsed by the International Association of Geodesy (password required). TCG was discontinued January 2008. See the TCG web page for more info.

SaLIS Recent Literature Reviews
Recent literature reviews for Surveying and Land Information Systems, edited by Mike & Mary Craymer (password required). Since TCG was discontinued we no longer publish the literature reviews in SaLIS. See the web page for back issues of the reviews.

Petr Vanicek, J. Tuzo Wilson Laureate
Citation and acceptance speeches for presentation of CGU's J. Tuzo Wilson Medal to Petr Vanicek in 1996.

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